Saturday, July 25, 2009

Science Fiction 35 – Gene Wolfe

This entry will be the penultimate Science Fiction post.

Gene Wolfe is the renowned author of The Book of the New Sun. I have already displayed my hard cover collection of this series, so the below editions are those acquired in paperback back when they were issued.



I can’t say that I’ve read Wolfe’s entire oeuvre, but I did also really like his series about the amnesiac soldier Latro - Soldier in the Mist and Soldier of Arete. I have yet to read the latest book in that series, Soldier of Sidon, having decided to wait for a mass market paperback edition when and if it is ever published.

wolfe_mist wolfe_arete

As for the The Book of the Long Sun, which is set in the same universe as The Book of the New Sun, I have only read the first volume, Nightside the Long Sun and for whatever reason didn’t go on to the rest.

wolfe_longsun wolfe_drdeath

And to finish the authors whose names begin with W, here is Dave Wolverton’s, long out of print novel On My Way To Paradise simply because it has a great cover. It wasn’t a bad read either if I recollect.


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