Saturday, July 11, 2009

Science Fiction 26 – Lucius Shepard, Kathleen M Sidney, Robert Silverberg & Clifford D Simak.

First up for this entry is Lucius Shepard’s Life During Wartime, one of three Shepard novels in my collection. I also have his vampire novel, The Golden and Green Eyes, his take on zombies, but they are on another shelf which I’ll get around to eventually.


Who, you may well ask, is Kathleen M Sidney? I’m afraid there is very little information on her or her book Michael and the Magic Man, so I’ll just have to rely on the blurb on the back of the book to give an idea of its contents.

It says:
”When Earth was invaded nobody knew it.

Nobody but the Magic Man and Michael, a few footloose psychics in a supersleek van, driving through a fantastic American dreamscape in a nonstop, cross-country war with a mind bending Power from beyond the stars”

Sounds like hippie science fiction to me, and the cover does nothing to disabuse one of this notion.


Robert Silverberg has written many novels, but I appear to have only two of them – Lord Valentine’s Castle and Nightwings.

silverberg_nightwings silverberg_lordvalentine

And lastly for this entry, Clifford D Simak’s wonderful City, where intelligent dogs and robots end up running the earth after man becomes obsolescent.


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Anonymous said...

"Michael and the Magic Man" could well indeed be called "hippie science fiction" - the ending is particularly hippie-ish, with one character magically turning a gun into a flower. Most of the novel keeps the reader unsettled and guessing. "These unseen psychic enemies the characters are running from: are they REAL or just a paranoid delusion?" All becomes clear. An unusual book, though.