Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Science Fiction 30 – Neal Stephenson

One almost needs specially reinforced shelves to hold Neal Stephenson’s novels. I have pretty much a whole collection of his novels, many of them in first edition hard covers and they are weighty tomes, particularly Cryptonomicon and the Baroque Trilogy. I must admit they look really good lined up on a shelf. My edition of Snow Crash however is in paperback, as by the time I had discovered Stephenson this book had been in print for some years.

I suppose you have to have a touch of nerdishness to appreciate Neal Stephenson’s wordy novels, but in truth I do love his racy writing style and I think his analogies are amazingly apt even as they are startling.

stephenson_zodiac stephenson_snowcrash


stephenson_cryptonomicon stephenson_quicksilver
stephenson_confusion stephenson_system


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