Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series - Part 5

Finally, I've reached the end of my collection of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series with this mish mash of single volumes.

Firstly, Poul Anderson's Broken Sword about which I can't remember a thing, and Red Moon And Black Mountain by Joy Chant, which I remember being quite an engaging young adult fantasy where three teenagers are transported to another world with the purpose of saving it from an evil destiny.

anderson_sword chant_moon

Then there's Excalibur, an Arthurian fantasy by Sanders Anne Laubenthal and the fabulously strange Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay.

laubenthal_excaliber lindsay_arcturus

Finally The Shaving of Shagpat, a middle eastern fantasy by George Meredith and the The Blue Star by Fletcher Pratt. This edition is not really in the Ballantine series, though originally an earlier edition was.

meredith_shagpat pratt_bluestar

An lastly, another collection of fantasy stories edited by Lin Carter, Golden Cities Far.


Coming next, more paperback fantasy, when I have had time to scan them for your visual pleasure.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series - Part 4

I'm drawing to an end with my collection of the Ballantine Fantasy Series, so this will be the second last entry on the topic.

Katherine Kurtz first Deryni Series was published by Ballantine from 1971 to 1973. Camber of Culdi is not strictly speaking part of the Adult Fantasy series, but I'll put the cover up anyway to balance the display. I can't remember much about this series other than they had some pretty good battles of magic.

kurtz_deryni1 kurtz_deryni2
kurtz_deryni3 kurtz_deryni4

Also Ballantine published several books by James Branch Cabell. I remember loving the urbane witty and irreverent prose of Cabell. I really must read them again. I have two Ballantine editions of his books, but I have more in Del Ray editions which I'll get to later.

cabell_high place cabell_jest

And finally for this entry, two fantasy novels by George Macdonald. His books, though of a Christian bent, are quite weird nonetheless.

macdonald_phantastes macdonald_evenor

Next- the remainder of my BAF collection ...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series - Part 3

This entry will cover books in the Lost Race genre of fantasy - writers such as H Rider Haggard and C J Cutliffe Hyne. There is a great site by Jessica Amanda Salmonson called Violet Books which covers this sort of fantasy and other odd stuff.

haggard_desire haggard_mist

cunliffehyne_lost continent

As well as Lost Race literature, the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series also published several short story collections, edited by Lin Carter.

carter_dragons_elves young_magicians

And to end this entry, two books by H Warner Munn.

warner_munn_merlinsring warner_munn_merlinsgodson

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series - Part 2

Here for you delectation are more covers from the fabulous Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.

Firstly, Evangeline Walton's retelling of the Mabinogian in her series of four books.

walton_mighty walton_children
walton_rhiannon waltton_annwyn

Then there are the strange fantasies of E R Eddison. I haven't read any of these books for over 30 years so I can't remember much about their contents. The only image that has stayed with me through the years is Florinda (?) in Fish Dinner at Memison leaning forward and pricking the bubble of fantasy with a pin. Whether this is actually in the book or not, I can't say.

eddison_worm eddison_mistress
eddison_fish eddison_gate

A few solitary novels from various authors...

One of the rarest of the Adult Fantasies is G K Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday - a bizarre novel involving anarchists and a secret society whose members are known by days of the week.


And Hope Mirrlees wonderful Lud-in-the Mist - a delightful fairy tale and her best known novel.


Enough for tonight, or else the post won't load from Live Writer which is my preferred way of composing blog entries these days.

There are more in this series to come...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series - Part 1

Although I do not have the full collection of this series, I did collect many of them as they were released. Some that were published in the series I didn't bother buying as I already had the books in other editions, and besides, who knew at that particular time that they would be so collectible these days.

In terms of eye candy for bibliophiles they all had beautiful covers by various artists but are mostly recognisable from the cover art of Gervasio Gallardo.

There are many sites on the web dedicated to this series of books most notably the Haunted Bibliophile site and also this site:

So how to present them on this blog? I will do it by author.

Firstly four books by Lord Dunsany

dunsany_elfland dunsany_charwoman
dunsany_edge_of_the_world dunsany_over_the_hills

William Morris...

morris_well1 morris_well2

morris_flood morris_water morris_wood

Hannes Bok...

bok_golden stair bok_sorceror

Peter S. Beagle

beagle_unicorn beagle_place

More coming soon.