Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Age – Books on the Tarot

There are not half as many books on the Tarot as there were on Astrology. What I have in my library are below, starting with Aleister Crowley’s Book of Thoth and The Equinox an essay on his own Thoth Tarot designed by Lady Frieda Harris. I do have a pack of the Thoth Tarot cards and they are very beautiful and powerful.

bookofthoth crowley_equinox

Another major Tarot pack was the Rider Waite pack designed by Pamela Coleman Smith. I have a miniature pack of these – handy for carrying around should I feel inclined.

The below book is a hard cover of Arthur Edward Waite’s Pictorial Key To The Tarot.


Two more books on the Tarot – The Devil’s Picture Book, A Complete Guide to Tarot Cards: Their Origins and Their Usage by Paul Huson and The Definitive Tarot by Bill Butler.

devils_picturebook butler_definitivetarot

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