Sunday, July 5, 2009

Science Fiction 21 – C L Moore, James Morrow, Linda Nagata, Larry Niven

C L Moore according to her entry on Wikipedia was one of the first women to write science fiction. Her Jirel of Joiry was also one of the first novels in the swords and sorcery genre and the first to feature a female protagonist. I have two books by C L Moore, Jirel of Joiry and The Best of C L Moore.

moore_jirel moore_bestof

James Morrow is well known as a writer of satirical and apocryphal novels, the most famous being Towing Jehova and Only Begotten Daughter. I did have copies of these novels but they have gone astray – loaned to someone who never got around to returning them. So I’m left with the two sequels to Towing JehovaBlameless in Abaddon and The Eternal Footman.

morrow_abaddon morrow_footman

I also have two other of his novels, The Continent of Lies and The Last Witchfinder.

morrow_lies morrow_witch

Another science fiction writer who deals with nanotechnology is Linda Nagata. I remember quite enjoying The Bohr Maker when I first read it, which obviously encouraged me to acquire Vast, about which I remember little.

nagata_bohrmaker nagata_vast

Finally, the sole hard science SF book in my collection is Protector by Larry Niven.


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