Friday, July 10, 2009

Science Fiction 25 – Hilbert Schenck, James Schmitz, Robert Sheckley & Michael Shea

Little is known about Hilbert Schenck other than the fact that he is a ocean engineer who tried his hand at writing Science Fiction. A Rose for Amageddon is one of his full length novels, though he predominantly wrote short stories some of which won Hugo and Nebula awards in the early 1980s. A Rose for Armageddon sounds as if it could be filed under the dystopian novel category. I can’t remember if I’ve ever read it


James H Schmitz was a prolific writer, particularly of short stories. He only wrote five novels. Two of them are below – The Witches of Karres and The Universe Against Her, space opera with strong female protagonists.

schmitz_witches schmitz_universe

Robert Sheckley had an interesting life and is well known as one of the greats of classic Science Fiction. As stated on his Wikipedia entry, “…his numerous quick-witted stories and novels were famously unpredictable, absurdist and broadly comical”, which gives you an idea of the sort of fiction he wrote.

My library boasts several books by Robert Sheckley, though as usual it has been decades since I last opened them, let alone read them. Dig the cover images of Mindswap and Immortality Inc!

sheckley_citizen sheckley_immortality
sheckley_joenes sheckley_mindswap

And to finish this entry, the strange, Jack Vance inspired, Nifft the Lean by Michael Shea. It won the World Fantasy Award in 1982. Original DAW edition with cover art and frontispiece by Michael Whelan.


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