Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Science Fiction 18 – George R R Martin, Julian May & Paul McAuley

I’ll slip this entry in before the end of June.

George R R Martin is a prolific writer, but I must admit I have read few of his books. I have enjoyed his dark fantasy series in the A Song of Ice and Fire, but the only other book of his I have read is the vampire story Fevre Dream, admittedly a long time ago.


The Julian May Saga of the Exiles series was all the rage back in the early 1980s which was when I first read them. Can’t say I remember much about them these days, but I did read the whole series at the time in Pan editions.

may_land may_torc
may_nonbornking may_adversary

And last, but not least the wonderful Fairyland by Paul J McAuley. I recently reread this book and enjoyed it very much.


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