Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crime Fiction 8

Well, I seem to have got back into the swing of things, so coming to you tonight is another crime fiction post,  starting with a couple of novels by famous crime writer Dorothy L Sayers these being Busman’s Holiday and Strong Poison, which appear to be the only two of her books I possess and possibly even read.

sayers_busmansholiday sayers_strongpoison

Steven Saylor has written a series of mystery novels set in ancient Rome. I acquired these as I had (and still have) a fondness for Lindsey Davis’ Falco series which are also set in ancient Rome, but under a different emperor (Vespasian). I will not be displaying Lindsey Davis’ books here as I have a complete collection and I can’t be bothered scanning them all.  Anyway, the Saylor novels are set during the time of Cicero and Julius Caesar and are an intelligent, interesting series of historical murder mysteries.

saylor_armsof nemesis

saylor_catalinasriddle saylor_romanblood

Next, a stray non Penguin Julian Symons novel, Death’s Darkest Face, and an ancient (1964) Pan paperback copy of Josephine Tey’s The Singing Sands.

symons_deathsdarkestface tey_singing_sands1964

And finally for this evening, Japanese suspense – The Lady Killer by Masako Togawa.


Coming next – the detective novels of Janwillem van de Wetering.

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