Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crime Fiction 5

No,I haven’t forgotten my promise to keep ‘ em coming regularly, so here for your bibliophilic pleasure are the detective novels of singing crime novelist Kinky Friedman.

Kinky writes in his own idiosyncratic style replete with one liners and political incorrectness and a big heart. His books, starring himself as the intrepid investigator, are entertaining and funny to say the least. You can now buy them in ebook format directly from his site. I notice a few I haven’t read there, so might avail myself of the opportunity to complete my collection.

Without more ado, here is my incomplete collection. I’m missing the first Faber omnibus, which I actually managed to get signed by the Kinkster when he was touring some years ago. Who knows who I loaned it to, but I wish they’d give it back.


friedman_armadillos friedman_blastfrompast
friedman_godblessjohnwayne friedman_lovesong
friedman_milehighclubjpg friedman_rainbow


More crime fiction coming soon.

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