Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crime Fiction 3

Bless me Blogosphere for I have sinned. It is six months since I last posted on Eye Candy For Bibliophiles. My first act of contrition, after a few hail Marys, will be to continue on with my crime fiction collection, in particular a set of Sherlock Holmes novels by Arthur Conan Doyle.

The set was published by Ballantine Books in the mid 1970s. Cover art is not credited.

conan_doyle_adventures1975 conan_doyle_hound1975
conan_doyle_memoirs1975 conan_doyle_return1975
conan_doyle_scarlet1975 conan_doyle_signoffour1975

Next, an omnibus by Australian crime writer Peter Corris, starring his Aussie style hard boiled detective Cliff Hardy.  This edition was published in1986 by Picador.


A few more Edmund Crispin mysteries… these editions published by Mysterious Press in 1984.

crispin_longdivorce crispin_loveliesbleeding

And finally for crime writers whose names begin with “c”, A Leaven of Malice by Clare Curzon, a Hamlyn Whodunnit, probably published in the late 70s or early 80s


Having taken the plunge, I will endeavour to post more regular updates on this blog, perhaps even tomorrow.

Anyway, coming next – more crime fiction from authors whose names start with ”d”. Come to think of it, Conan Doyle could have been catalogued under this letter.

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