Thursday, August 13, 2009

Penguin Black Classics – Russian Novels

Continuing on with the Penguin “Black Classics” series, tonight I present the Russians.

Firstly, Dostoyevsky.

dostoyevsky_crime dostoyevsky_idiot
1969 Edition
Pierre Blancher in Cheval’s film of Crime & Punishment
1967 Edition
Lithograph by Pierre Barbier
dostoyevsky_karamazov1 dostoyevsky_karamazov2
1967 Edition
The Student by Larochenko
1967 Edition
Drawing by Repine


1960 Edition – old style Penguin Classic


tolstoy_war1 tolstoy_war2
1967 Edition
Natasha’s First Ball by Leonid Pasternak
1967 Edition
Death of Prince Andrei by Leonid Pasternak


1965 Edition – Lithograph of the Marble Palace St Petersburg

Turgenev & Gorky

turgenev_eve turgenev_sketches
1967 Edition
Detail from The Aristocrat At Breakfast by P. A. Fedotov
1967 Edition
Russian engraving from 19th Century popular song sheet

1966 Edition – Detail from a 19th Century Russian lithograph

Next – more “Black Classics”


Anonymous said...

Repine = Repin, as in Ilya Repin? That drawing almost seems a bit reminscent of his famed painting depicting burlaks.

Anne S said...

I checked the credit for the drawing again and it definitely says Repine, but it probably does mean Repin who I must admit I've never heard of, so thanks for the pointer to his work.