Thursday, August 20, 2009

Black Classics – A Miscellany

This will be the final entry on the Penguin “Black Classics”. There may be a few more floating around in my book collection, but the bulk of them have now been displayed.

First – Chinese & Japanese Literature

poems_late_tang six_yuan_plays
1963 Edition
A detail of a Chinese silk painting of 8th to 10th C with the young Buddha practising archery
1972 Edition
Detail from Ch’ing Ming Shang Ho Tu the famous scroll depicting a city of Cathay. Attributed to Chiang Tse-tuan

1973 Edition – detail of the Shotoku Taishi E-den by Munezane (Heian period)

Spanish & Portuguese Literature

diaz_newspain rojas_spanishbawd
1963 Edition
A Zapotec figure from Monte Alban
1964 Edition
A detail of a Spanish manuscript

1973 Edition
A Portuguese Caravelle rounding the Cape of Good Hope from the Atlas of Guillaume le Testu 1556.


1969 Edition
Detail from “Battle at Sea” by Jan Peeters

Nietzche & Machiavelli

nietzsche_zarathustra machiavelli_prince
1971 Edition
Detail from an etching of Nietzche by Hans Old
1964 Edition
A bust of Machiavelli

I will be moving on to Pelicans in the next entry.

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