Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Age – Palmistry, Astral Projection, Radiesthesia (pendulums), Chinese and Tibetan Philosophy and Herbs.

How a book on Astral Projection made it into my library is beyond me, but I suppose palmistry fits into the New Age category, though I never made a study of it. As for pendulums, I must admit that I have a knack with them. I have used them to accurately predict the sex of unborn children, and to test the freshness of food, though not much else.

astral_projection radiesthesia
palmestry palmestry2

The next two books relate to Chinese philosophy – the Tao Te Ching, which philosophy I find the most sympathetic to my own personal attitude to life, having gleaned this from my experiences with consulting the I Ching. Tai Chi sounds an attractive way to balance body and soul, but I have never practiced it. Both these books are large format paperbacks and thus fittingly in a watercourse way penultimately finish the exhibition of books in the medium sized bookcase.

taoteching taichi

The Tibetan Book of The Dead was the inspiration for the following game. I used to have a board on which it was played but it seems to have gone missing.


And finally, two books on Herbs - the comprehensive Mrs M Grieve’s: A Modern Herbal, a large hard covered book filled with invaluable information on the uses of herbs, and The Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies, also in hard cover, which is the basis for an interesting system of healing using dilutions of certain flowers.

modern_herbal bach_flower

So after this it’s on to bigger & possibly better things when I set about displaying some, not all, of the contents of the large bookcase. It’s an interesting collection with a number of rare and unusual books, not to mention old penguins and other imprints.


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