Sunday, August 16, 2009

Black Classics – Romans & Greeks

This entry will cover Black Classics of Roman and Greek classic works.

Romans first…

cicero_speeches pliny_letters
1972 Edition
A detail from a bust of Cicero
1972 Edition
Detail from Trajan’s Column
petronius_satyricon plutarch_moral_essays
1965 Edition
Part of 2nd Century Mosaic
1971 Edition
Designed by Germano Facetti
Market Scenes from Esquilino frescoes

The Greeks…


1964 Edition – Mask from Mycene known as the "Mask of Agamemnon"

aeschylus_prometheus euripides_medea plato_republic
1971 Edition
Detail of Greek Relief depicting Prometheus
1964 Edition
A Maenad taken from an Athenian cup of the 5th Century
1963 Edition
Portion of a Mosaic

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