Monday, March 9, 2009

Science Fiction 10 – Effinger, Fowler and Gaskell

I have been shamefully remiss in adding new posts to this blog, but I will endeavour to keep it going. After all, I have a ton of books scanned ready to be displayed, so I have no excuses for dragging my feet.

Anyway, tonight for your delectation a few authors whose names begin with E, F or G.

First up, George Alec Effinger’s rather odd, but as I recall it, enjoyable novel The Wolves of Memory.


Karen Joy Fowler has become, over the last few years a celebrated fiction writer, after her novel The Jane Austen Book Club became a bestseller. However, early in her career she wrote the totally delightful collection of science fiction stories Artificial Things.

And finally for this entry – Jane Gaskell. She is famous for writing Strange Evil which China Mieville lists as one of his top 10 examples of weird fiction. She wrote the novel when she was 14.


She also went on to write other books, sort of heroic fiction ala Tanith Lee, though Jane Gaskell’s were published a decade before Lee’s.

gaskell_atlan gaskell_city
gaskell_kingsdaughter gaskell_serpent


Coming next – William Gibson

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