Sunday, March 22, 2009

Science Fiction 13 – Hand, Harrison, Henneberg & Harness

It was Elizabeth Hand’s novel Winterlong that introduced me to her work. It’s an exotic, ornately written tale set in a future decadent society. I enjoyed the trilogy, though I must admit it seemed to end rather abruptly, or inconclusively to my mind.

Its sequels are Aestival Tide and Icarus Descending.

hand_winterlong hand_aestival hand_icarus

M John Harrison’s Viriconium Stories are well regarded and I have to agree. I loved Pastel City and Storm of Wings.

harrison_pastelcity harrison_storm

Other books set in the same locale are Viriconium Nights and The Floating Gods

harrison_nights harrison_gods

A few more stray H authors…

Though I can’t remember much about The Ring of Ritornel by Charles Harness, I have vague memories of quite liking it. Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale is more fantasy than Science Fiction and has endured as well loved urban fantasy of New York.

harness_ritornel helprin_winterstale

And finally The Green Gods by N C Henneberg – an exotic A Merritt style story wherein plants go to war against men. The cover art is by old favorite Don Maitz


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