Monday, January 26, 2009

Science Fiction 7 - Feminist SF Part 2

Sheri S Tepper is one of my favourite SF writers. She writes wonderful eco feminist novels and I always enjoy seeing any new book of hers. I have many of her books, but perhaps her most well known feminist fiction is The Gate to Women's Country, which besides featuring an interesting dystopia is very cleverly written, as are all of her books.

Another of her clever and fascinating books is in fact the Marianne trilogy which I have in an omnibus edition. They are wonderfully bizarre.

Six Moon Dance has an unusual dystopian society where men are forced to wear veils and serve the women who run all aspects of this society. The Family Tree is a lovely eco fantasy with a huge surprise half way through.

tepper_sixmoondance tepper_familytree

Next Grass, Northshore and Gibbons Decline And Fall

tepper_grass tepper_awakeners tepper_gibbon

I do have several more Tepper novels, but they can wait for another time.

Finally, as far as feminist science fiction goes - Women of Wonder, a collection of stories by women writers including Ursula Le Guin, Vonda McIntyre, Kate Wilhelm among others.


Next - continuing with authors whose names start with "c"

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