Sunday, January 4, 2009

Science Fiction 1

As I will be returning to the work force tomorrow I won't have as much time to post updates on Eye Candy as much as I have been doing of late. However, I did spend several hours today scanning book covers and have the first two shelves scanned. The Science Fiction shelves are sorted in alphabetical order, so I'll display the covers in this order mostly.

I didn't really get into Science Fiction much as a child - it just wasn't in the local libraries where I found most of my reading. I do remember liking what I found of it, for instance the series of Kemlo books and later John Wyndham. So it wasn't until my twenties that I really discovered its delights.

The first author who grabbed my interest was Alfred Bester with his books Tiger Tiger and The Demolished Man. I have both these books in old Penguin editions.

bester_tiger bester_demolished_man

I also have a copy of his short story collection The Dark Side Of Earth, published by Pan.


Another early influence was several short story collections, in particular the Science Fiction Hall of Fame which steered me towards many fine science fiction books and authors.

sf_hall_of_fame_vol1 sf_hall_of_fame_vol2
sf_hall_of_fame_vol2a sf_hall_of_fame_vol2b

To finish this entry a couple of oddities on the first shelf...

aldiss_frankenstein_unbound beaumont_bestof

To be continued soon.


Carl V. said...

I am currently reading The Stars My Destination (Tiger! Tiger!) for the second time and really fell hard for Demolished Man last year. Both of these novels are phenomenal.

Anne S said...

Carl, Totally agree - they blew me away when I first read them eons ago.