Thursday, January 8, 2009

Science Fiction 2 - Asimov, Blish & Brackett

"A" of course is for Isaac Asimov. Any self respecting old SF book collector will have a few of his books in their libraries. I have four - the Foundation Trilogy and I Robot all in Panther editions. I did have The Rest of the Robots once upon a time, but it has disappeared.

asimov_foundation asimov_secondfoundation asimov_foundation_empire


Hands up who's read James Blish. He's not an author you hear much about these days, but he did write some very interesting books. I see him in my mind as the forerunner to James Morrow's apocryphal writing in Towing Jehovah and its sequels.

Anyway, even though I have not read James Blish for years myself, it was pleasurable to rediscover his books on the bookshelf. I have an omnibus version of Cities In Fight also known as the "Okies" stories.


Also I have his After Such Knowledge series which began with A Case of Conscience, followed by Doctor Mirabilis, Black Easter or Faust Aleph-null and The Day After Judgement.

blish_mirabilis blish_conscience
blish_blackeaster blish_dayafter

And to finish, Leigh Brackett's The Halfling and Other Stories in a 1973 Ace books edition.


More SF coming soon...


Carl V. said...

I have seen many different covers for Asimov's books but I've never seen those. Very interesting. Have such a great feel to them. My favorites are Second Foundation and Foundation's Edge covers by Michael Whelan.

James of Auxilary Memory just posted a review of a Blish book, if you are interested:

I bought my first Leigh Brackett book last night and look forward to snagging more of her books in the future.

Anne S said...

Thanks for the link to the Blish review.

Nice to see he hasn't been totally forgotten.

I mean to reread his books again soon - ideal for commuting.

Andrew Duncan said...

We are paying homage to Blish this month on

Nice eye candy! Those Asimov covers are amazing.

Anne S said...

Thanks Andrew, will check out Zap Town.