Monday, January 12, 2009

Science Fiction 4 - Bradbury, Bishop, Butler, Card & Carroll

I used to like Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 541 back when I first read it, but a fairly recent rereading left me slightly disappointed. I'd grown out of his style. I do not have many Bradbury books in my library, only two in fact, the aforementioned Fahrenheit 541 and an elderly edition (1961) of The October Country which I picked up in second hand bookshop in rural Victoria a couple of years ago.

bradbury_farenheit451 bradbury_october

Michael Bishop is another little known writer. I first discovered his writings in the collection Catacomb Years and although it is decades since I read the stories contained therein I remember being very impressed at the time. I also have No Enemy But Time which won the Nebula Award in 1982. Truth to tell I can't remember a thing about it.

bishop_catacomb_years bishop_no enemy

Next Octavia Butler's Pattern Master.


I must admit I have read very few Jonathan Carroll books, but I do really love his book The Bones Of The Moon, and also like The Land Of Laughs.

carroll_bones carroll_laughs

And to finish off this entry, Harts Hope by Orson Scott Card. It does have a pretty cover.

Coming next - more authors whose names begin with "C"

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