Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tanith Lee - Various Novels

This entry will conclude my display of Tanith Lee books. I realised whilst I was scanning the covers, that all the DAW editions are in fact first editions.

Here's some more for your delectation.

Red As Blood or Tales from the Sisters Grimmer is Tanith Lee's take on traditional fairy tales such as Snow White, Beauty & The Beast, Cinderella etc. It has interior illustrations by the lady herself and the cover is the work of Michael Whelan.


Companions On The Road contains two novellas, the title story and The Winter Players. It's a Bantam paperback edition where the cover artist is not credited. Days Of Grass is a science fiction novel about alien invasion. Cover art by Michael Whelan.

lee_companions lee_daysofgrass

Next Day By Night, a science fiction novel, and Sung In Shadow a version of Romeo & Juliet. Cover art by Don Maitz and Victoria Poyser.

tanith_lee_day_by_night lee_sunginmshadow

Back to swords and sorcery with the next two books - Cyrion and Volkhavaar.
Cover art is respectively by Ken W Kelly and Michael Whelan.

lee_cyrion lee_volkhavaar

Finally, a werewolf novel Lycanthia or The Children of Wolves, cover art by Paul Chadwick and The Blood Of Roses, a British paperback published by Arrow Books in 1991. The cover artist is Jeff Willis.

lee_lycanthia lee_bloodofroses

That's it for Tanith Lee. Next - Andre Norton's Witch World books.

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