Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tanith Lee - Flat Earth & Other Tales

Continuing with my Tanith Lee collection, here are covers from three of the Flat Earth series. I seem to be missing Death's Master, but I have the others, Night's Master, Delusion's Master and Delirium's Mistress.

tanith_lee_nights master
Cover art by George Barr

tanith_lee_delusions master tanith_lee_deliriums mistress

Cover art respectively by Ken W Kelly and Michael Whelan

The following two books in the Secret Books of Paradys series are British paperback editions published by Unwin in 1989. Cover art is by Peter Goodfellow.

lee_paradys1 lee_paradys2

Back to DAW paperback originals, here is the highly regarded Kill The Dead with a terrific cover by Don Maitz.

tanith_lee_kill the dead
And to finish off this particular post two individual novels, Sabella or The Bloodstone, a Science Fiction Vampire novel and The Silver Metal Lover, the tale of a human girl's affair with a beautiful robot. Cover art is by George Smith (Sabella) and Don Maitz.

tanith_lee_sabella lee_silvermetallover

And yes, there's more Tanith Lee to come - I did say I have a large collection of her books.

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