Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fantasy - James Branch Cabell & Oddities

I realise I've been dreadfully remiss in posting new items on this blog, but I've finally got a bit time to scan book covers, so here is more bookish eye candy for your delectation.

The long promised covers from James Branch Cabell paperbacks...

James Branch Cabell was an American writer famous for his witty satiric fantasies.

I have a small collection of his books, some of which I've already displayed in the Ballantine Adult Fantasy posts.

Here are several others, mostly published by Del Ray in the 1970's:

cabell_figures cabell_domnei
cabell_eve cabell_silverstallion

Also included in this post are several unusual chapbooks. also collected in the 1970s.

First there is Ursula Le Guin's From Elfland to Poughkeepsie, an essay on modern fantasy.


Peter Beagle's Lila The Werewolf


And finally, a facsimile edition of Christina Rosetti's strange poem, Goblin Market, illustrated by Laurence Housman and published by Green Tiger Press in 1973

goblin_market2 goblin_market1
Decorative envelopeThe book

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