Sunday, December 28, 2008

Andre Norton - Witch World Books

Andre Norton was another prolific writer of fantasy and science fiction. I didn't really get into her books that much, but I do have a collection of her Witch World series, probably because I liked the covers of the British editions published by Tandem. They are unusual, somewhat psychedelic and bizarre. I can't recall reading many of the series, but I did like Year of the Unicorn the best.

norton_witchworld1 norton_witchworld2
norton_witchworld4 norton_witchworld5
norton_witchworld6 norton_witchworld3

Related books, eg Jargoon Pard is a sequel to Year of the Unicorn

norton_jargoon_pard norton_spell_witchworld
norton_zarathor norton_gryphon

Next will be old style fantasy - A Merritt, Sprague De Camp etc.

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