Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pop Culture

I have become aware during this exercise, that I purchased a great many books during the 1970s. This is probably because I worked during that time in a counter cultural bookshop and received a staff discount. The shop was called Space Age Books and was ostensibly a science fiction bookshop - the first of its kind in Melbourne. It sold other books besides science fiction, including books on cinema, art and pop culture.

So naturally I acquired a few books in the pop culture genre.

Take this Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll for instance. The "history" only goes up to the late seventies, but is full of very fine photographs of early and latter day artists shot by famous photographers such as Annie Leibowitz.

rolling_stone (Small)

Also in the rock n roll category is Rock Dreams by Guy Peellaert & Nik Cohn another history of rock n roll with dream like paintings of various musicians.

rockdreams (Small)

Still relating to music, is this book of record covers. It has a plain black hard cover textured to resemble the grooves on a vinyl record.

record_covers (Small)

Two other curiosities are Monty Python's Big Red Book and Thoroughly Ripped, a Furry Freak Brothers collection. It also has a board game. Both these books are genuine first editions, so could be worth something these days.

montypython (Small) furry_freak_bros (Small)

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