Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Miscellany

This entry marks the end of the art book section of my library. These books occupy the bottom shelf.

Below are some oddities that don't really fit anywhere else, so I've lumped them together.

Firstly, The Illustrated Golden Bough - A study in magic and religion, by Sir James George Frazer. I also have a very large hard cover called The Mythic Image by Joseph Campbell on the same sort of thing, but it is a bit too large to scan.

Another book on myth, a famous one at that, is this study of King Arthur. I was always fascinated by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

goldenbough (Small) kingarthur (Small)

Another oddity - The Collectors Book of Children's Books by Eric Quale with one of the illustrations from the book representing a collection of first editions of the more prolific writers of the boy's adventure story with colourful pictorial cloth bindings.

collectors (Small) collection (Small)

This Max Ernst book, I recall was given to me by the Thames & Hudson Rep who offered me a free book from his catalogue. I chose this one, being a bit of a fan of Max Ernst.

ernst_maximiliana (Small)

Next, two famous Australian children's books, Snugglepot & Cuddlepie by May Gibbs and The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay.

These two books were staples of my childhood reading. They are both wonderfully illustrated.

The illustration below from Snugglepot & Cuddlepie has stayed with me forever. It horrified me when I was a child and still portrays the utter wickedness of the Banksia men very convincingly. I've never much cared for Banksias ever since, despite their very attractive flowers.

snugglepot1 (Small) snugglepot2

By comparison, Lindsay's illustrations are much more comical.

magicpud1 (Small) magicpud2

And finally, still on Australian humour and illustration Neil Curtis' Bear Dinkum - a charming eccentric graphic novel about a koala bear who becomes a master of the ballet in a very dinkum aussie way. The book is rather rare these days and I believe Neil Curtis is no longer with us, having died some years ago.

beardinkum (Small)

beardinkum3 beardinkum2

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Coming next - fantasy and science fiction


Michael Phillips said...

It's amazing that children's books always look the most creepy

Anne S said...

Hello Michael, glad to see you are still visiting.

I agree about children's stories being really over the top illustration wise, something I love about them. The same goes for fairy stories.