Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Art - Pre Raphaelites and other odd books

I am very fond of the Pre Raphaelites so naturally collected a few books on the topic. The National Gallery of Victoria has some very fine Pre Raphaelite paintings in its collection. I remember when I first saw the originals in the gallery I was struck by the jewel bright colours in the paintings to which reproductions do not do justice.

This very large book on Burne-Jones is lovely. I could only scan half of it. Alas such is the case with some of my art books - they are too large to scan. I have a very big book on Maxfield Parrish called The Early Years 1893 - 1930 which is too big to scan, but contains exquisite high quality reproductions of his art. Also too large, is a book on American Water Colours from which the header image is scanned.

burne_jones (Small)

Another book on the Pre Raphaelites with a detail from the Burne-Jones painting Perseus and the Graiae

magnificentdreamers (Small)

I think I acquired the following book for its cover - a beautiful fairy king made of mother of pearl by Frederick Marriott.

edwardiana (Small)

And finally, a couple of oddities in the decadent art category.

femme_fatale (Small)

mermaids (Small)
Coming next - more fairy stories

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