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Penguin Modern Classics 2–English Classics 2

I first discovered the writings of Mervyn Peake when Penguin published Titus Groan and Gormenghast in the Penguin Modern Classics series in the late 1960s. It was love at first read, and I went on to collect as many of his books that were available at the time and during the 1970s. Titus Alone was published slightly later in 1970 by Penguin.

peake_titus groan1973 peake_gormenghast1969
1969 edition – cover “Fuschia by Mervyn Peake 1969 edition – cover “Steerpike & Banrquentine” by Mervyn Peake

peake_titus alone1970
1970 edition – cover “Irma Prunesquallor” by Peake

I have earlier displayed my diversely published collection of books by John Cowper Powys, and here’s another one – Wolf Solent, the book that put him on the literary map in the late 1920s.

The Green Child is the only completed novel by literature and art critic, Herbert Read, and is a  mysterious political fantasy.

powys_wolf solent1976_graham sutherland_entrance to a lane read_green child1969_ernst_eye of silence
1976 edition – cover “Entrance to a Lane” by Graham Sutherland 1969 edition – cover “The Eye of Silence” by Max Ernst

Stevie Smith was a friend of George Orwell and purportedly based two of the  male characters in her Novel on Yellow Paper on different aspects of his personality.

smith_novel_1972_self portrait
1972 edition – cover “Self Portrait” by the author

Lytton Strachey was of course one of the Bloomsbury Set and penned a number of biographies of famous historical figures. I have two of them…

strachey_elizabeth and essex_qe portrait c1593 strachey_victorians1975_j barrettflorence nightingale
1975 edition – cover “Queen Elizabeth 1 Portrait” c1593 1975 edition – cover “Florence Nightingale” by J Barrett


Evelyn Waugh is represented in my library by two books, both satires – The Loved One about the funeral business, and Scoop, a satire on sensationalist journalism.

waugh_loved one1969_magritte_balcony of manet waugh_scoop1969_quentin blake
1969 edition – cover “Balcony of Manet” by Magritte 1969 edition – cover by Quentin Blake


I am currently reading Helen MacDonald’s wonderful memoir
H is for Hawk which recently won the Samuel Johnson Prize for non fiction. Not only is the book about the training of her Goshawk, Mabel, she also muses on the sad life of T H White and his book on the same subject. T H White is famous for his collection of Arthurian novels assembled as The Once and Future King.

white_goshawk1970_engraving by brodrick
1970 edition – cover is an engraving by Broderick

Finally for the English authored Penguin Modern Classics, four novels by notable Bloomsbury Group member, Virginia Woolf.

woolf_lighthouse1966_ceri richards_red skirt woolf_room1974_augustus john_gwen john
1966 edition – cover “Red Skirt” by Ceri Richards 1974 edition – cover “Gwen John” by Augustus John
woolf_waves1964_vanessa bell. woolf_years1968_gwen john_self portrait

1964 edition – cover “Virginia Woolf” by Vanessa Bell

1968 edition – cover “Self Portrait” by Gwen John

Coming next – French modern classics

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