Saturday, November 22, 2014

Penguin Books–Penguin English Library

If there’s still anyone out there who still reads this blog, my apologies for the hiatus in posts that extend to two and half years.

I’ve had good intentions of reviving Eye Candy For Bibliophiles, but somehow never got around to composing fresh posts.

Good news! I’ve been scanning books over the past week or so, and have finally scanned most of the Penguin books in my library as well as  the remainder of  books in the general fiction and non fiction categories.

So to get back into the swing of things, I’ll start off with my small collection of books in the Penguin English Library category.  They date from the 1960s to 1980s.

Penguin has recently revamped the Penguin English Library with new covers and includes authors omitted in the first series.

In alphabetical order, Jane Austen is first…

austen_emma1966 austen_ladysusan1974
1966 Edition – no image credit 1974 edition  –Plate from Heideloff’s Gallery of Fashion1797-78
austen_mansfieldpark1966 austen_persuasion1965
1966 Edition – no image credit 1965 Edition – no image credit

austen_prideand prejudice1980

1980 Edition – Portrait of Lady Colville by Henry Raeburn

..then come the Brontes.

bronte_jane_eyre1966 bronte_wuthering1964
1966 Edition – portrait of Charlotte Bronte 1961 Edition – artist Paul Hogarth


1966 Edition – illustration by JWM Turner

dequincey_opiumeater1971 dickens_great expectations1973
1971 edition – Chinoiserie at Brighton Pavilion 1973 edition – A Country Blacksmith by Turner
eliot_middlemarch1965 gothic_1968
1965 edition – no image credit 1968 edition – The Nightmare by Fuseli
hardy_tess1981 JacobeanTragedies1965
1981 edition – Stonehenge by Turner 1965 edition – no image credit


1967 Edition – no image credit

poe_writings1967 swift_gulliver1967
1967 edition – no image credit 1967 edition – no image credit
twain_huckfinn1972 twain_puddnhead1969
1972 edition – detail from Currie & Ivers print in the Mausell Collection 1969 edition – no image credit
thackeray_henry esmond1970 webster_plays1972
1970 edition – no image credit 1972 edition – portrait of a woman by Allesandro

Next up I will show my collection from the Penguin Modern Classics series of the 1960s & 70s.

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