Friday, May 4, 2012

Occult & Horror Fiction 2

There is hardly any information on Julian Gloag, the author of Lost And Found, other than that his best known novel Our Mother’s House was made into  a movie 1967 and starred Dirk Bogarde. Obviously when I was sorting out which books to include in crime or horror, I have allocated Lost And Found as a horror novel. Whether it is, I have yet to discover, as I can’t remember a thing about it, though reading the review in the title link above, it sounds as if it has an intriguing plot.

The paperback edition below was published by Pocket Books in 1983.


A stray Pelican seems to have attached itself to this category, it being Witchcraft by Pennethorne Hughes. It has a splendid Hieronymus Bosch cover and is a 1966/7 edition.


Next, a horror novel by the grand mistress of sf/fantasy, Tanith Lee called Dark Dance the first book in the Blood Opera trilogy.


Two more classic novels published in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult, the first being The Witch And The Priest by Hilda Lewis, and the second being The Prisoner In The Opal by A. E. W. Mason.

lewis_witchandpriest mason_prisoneroftheopal

And finally for this post, The Dream Detective by Sax Rohmer, best known as the author of the Fu Manchu novels. This large paperback edition was published by Dover 1977.


The final entry on occult and horror will be posted shortly.

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