Sunday, January 31, 2010

General Fiction – Jack Kerouac

My collection of Jack Kerouac novels is quite comprehensive, though by no means complete. I can’t even say if I’ve read them all as I can only recall reading his most famous novel On The Road which I will not be displaying in this post as it’s in a Penguin Modern Classic edition. I will be doing feature posts on the Penguin Modern Classics in the future.

So what I have here are all the other various editions of Kerouac in my library. Desolation Angels is a 1972 Panther, Big Sur is a New English Library edition, also 1972

kerouac_angels1972 kerouac_bigsur1972

Visions of Cody & Doctor Sax are both 1980 Panther editions

kerouac_cody1980 kerouac_drsax1980

The antique paperback, Maggie Cassidy, is a 1960 Panther, and The Subterraneans is a 1971 Grove Press (Black Cat) edition.

kerouac_maggie_1960 kerouac_subterraneans1971

Both Vanity of Duluoz (1969 Andre Deutsch) and Visions of Gerard and Tristessa (1964 Andre Deutsch) are UK hard cover first editions, and I believe quite valuable these days.

kerouac_duluoz1969hc kerouac_gerard1964hc

And finally, two books about Jack Kerouac, one a biography (1974) and the other a collection of memoirs.

kerouac_biog1974 kerouac_jacksbook

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