Wednesday, January 27, 2010

General Fiction – E L Doctorow, Umberto Eco, John Fowles,

E L Doctorow first came to my notice with the publication of his novel Ragtime, which I enjoyed reading at the time, though I never really followed his career much after that, other than to acquire Billy Bathgate ten or so years later. I also have a copy of his novel The Waterworks floating around somewhere.

doctorow_ragtime doctorow_bathgate

I, like many others, first came across the books of Umberto Eco through his best selling novel The Name of the Rose. Also in my collection is a hard cover edition of Foucault’s Pendulum (previously displayed).


The Magus by John Fowles was one of those novels that everyone seemed to read in the 1960s. This of course lead to his other books, The Aristos, The Collector and The French Lieutenant’s Woman, the latter two books being made into films. I do have a hard covered copy of his novel The Ebony Tower somewhere or other, though i don’t recall seeing lately.

fowles_magus1974 fowles_collector1973
fowles_aristos1972 fowles_french1979

Next – Miscellaneous single novels (f to i) and Shirley Jackson.

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