Friday, December 18, 2009

Arthurian Britain

After shamefully neglecting this blog from August, I was suddenly overcome with an urge to continue it, as I assure you I have always intended to do so.

It has been bubbling up inside me for a couple of weeks and I’m steeling myself to scan some of the fiction shelves on the large bookshelf whilst I’m on leave over Christmas.

So tonight, I present for your delectation various books on King Arthur and an ancient Britain theme, which obviously fascinated me at one time. I do have an Everyman’s edition of “Le Morte D’Arthur” somewhere or other which will be shown later.

A stray Pelican first, and a few popular titles to complement it.

I can’t say I’ve seen these books around in the stores lately…

arthurs_britain ashe_camelot
ashe_quest_arthursbritain glastonbury_legends
kingarthur mysterious_britain


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