Saturday, December 19, 2009

Archaeology, History and Mythology

I think it was reading Gods, Graves, & Scholars by C W Ceram that gave me an interest in archaeology. I recently reread it and it is still a terrifically entertaining history of archaeology.


I can’t think of a more appropriately named author than P V Glob for The Bog People.


The Piltdown Men relates to a famous archaeological fraud. And The End of Atlantis by J V Luce

piltdown_men endofatlantis

Another book on Atlantis or Mu as it was sometimes called in the 1970s. Also Pauwells & Berger’s The Dawn of Magic.

mu dawnofmagic

Proof copies of The Masks of God by Joseph Campbell, rather the worst for wear.

campbell_masksofgod_1 campbell_masksofgod_2

And finally –The Spanish Conquistadors by F A Kirkpatrick


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