Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series - Part 4

I'm drawing to an end with my collection of the Ballantine Fantasy Series, so this will be the second last entry on the topic.

Katherine Kurtz first Deryni Series was published by Ballantine from 1971 to 1973. Camber of Culdi is not strictly speaking part of the Adult Fantasy series, but I'll put the cover up anyway to balance the display. I can't remember much about this series other than they had some pretty good battles of magic.

kurtz_deryni1 kurtz_deryni2
kurtz_deryni3 kurtz_deryni4

Also Ballantine published several books by James Branch Cabell. I remember loving the urbane witty and irreverent prose of Cabell. I really must read them again. I have two Ballantine editions of his books, but I have more in Del Ray editions which I'll get to later.

cabell_high place cabell_jest

And finally for this entry, two fantasy novels by George Macdonald. His books, though of a Christian bent, are quite weird nonetheless.

macdonald_phantastes macdonald_evenor

Next- the remainder of my BAF collection ...

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