Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series - Part 2

Here for you delectation are more covers from the fabulous Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.

Firstly, Evangeline Walton's retelling of the Mabinogian in her series of four books.

walton_mighty walton_children
walton_rhiannon waltton_annwyn

Then there are the strange fantasies of E R Eddison. I haven't read any of these books for over 30 years so I can't remember much about their contents. The only image that has stayed with me through the years is Florinda (?) in Fish Dinner at Memison leaning forward and pricking the bubble of fantasy with a pin. Whether this is actually in the book or not, I can't say.

eddison_worm eddison_mistress
eddison_fish eddison_gate

A few solitary novels from various authors...

One of the rarest of the Adult Fantasies is G K Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday - a bizarre novel involving anarchists and a secret society whose members are known by days of the week.


And Hope Mirrlees wonderful Lud-in-the Mist - a delightful fairy tale and her best known novel.


Enough for tonight, or else the post won't load from Live Writer which is my preferred way of composing blog entries these days.

There are more in this series to come...

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Michael Phillips said...

Now I'm totally intrigued to read The Man Who Was Thursday.