Friday, July 4, 2008

Mervyn Peake

Revelation number one...

Mervyn Peake is one of my all time favourite writers. I discovered him in 1969 when Penguin Books published the Gormenghast Trilogy in paperback. After that I became Peake crazy and purchased anything Peake related that came my way. As well the books below, I have some of his art books which I'll get around to later.

peake_nonsense (WinCE) mrpye (WinCE) world_away (WinCE)

A Book of Nonsense

Mr Pye

A World Away

Above are three hard cover books by or about Mervyn Peake. I acquired them in the early 1970s. The Book of Nonsense has wonderful illustrations as well as verses and Mr Pye is illustrated as well. A World Away is a memoir of Mervyn Peake written by his wife Maeve Gilmore

Here's a poem from The Book of Nonsense - Squat Ursula


Below is the Gormenghast Trilogy in hard cover. I bought these at Mary Martin Bookshop in1981. They are not, of course, first editions, but are lovely just the same. They have many illustrations with rare plates of various characters.

titus_groan (WinCE) gormenghast (WinCE) titus_alone (WinCE)

These books are only some on the small bookshelf.

More coming soon...


JOSH said...

Hello eye candy, beautiful books. Could you please tell me what publisher and year these hardcover editions of Gormenghast trilogy are from. Thanks, josh

Anne S said...

The hardcover editions were published by Eyre & Spottswoode in 1977, reprints from original E & S editions of 1968 - 1970.