Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Divine Angela Carter

I've spent most of yesterday and today scanning books in the small bookshelf so as to expedite the process of displaying them here. There's quite a few entries coming your way, but before that here is my precious Angela Carter first edition collection.

The first time I came across Angela Carter was in 1972 when Pan Books released the new paperback line of Picador which introduced a whole new world of exciting new writers to the book reading public. Angela Carter's Heroes and Villains was one of the first to be issued in the new Picador format and when I read the book, I became an instant Carter zealot. I sought out her books thereafter and acquired quite a good collection of first editions. I only regret that I haven't got The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr Hoffman in the British first edition. I do however have the American first edition, renamed The War of Dreams. I ordered it in especially thinking it to be a totally new book, but discovered my mistake when it arrived. Not that I minded; it was good to have the book in hardcover anyway.

So here they are...

dreams (WinCE) fireworks eve (WinCE)
bloody_chamber (WinCE)circus (WinCE)
children (WinCE) venus (WinCE)
I have other Angela Carter books in paperback which I'll get to later on.

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