Thursday, February 18, 2010

General Fiction (sort of) – Robert Sabbag, Anthony Scaduto, South American Novelists, Dylan Thomas & John Kennedy Toole

Now, where was I up to?

Yes, books by authors whose name begins with S and T.

The first of these is Snow Blind by Robert Sabbag, a drug culture novel.


And Rock ‘n Roll is represented by Tony Scaduto’s biography of Mick Jagger


Mass market paperbacks of South American writers – Miguel Angel Asturias, Strong Wind, Conversations With Jorge Luis Borges by Richard Burgin and In Evil Hour by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

south_america_asturias_wind south_america_borges_conversations south_america_marquez_evilhour

Here are two rather old paperbacks - a novel and stories by Dylan Thomas, The Beach At Falesa (Panther1966) and Rebecca’s Daughter & Me and My Bike (Sphere1968)

thomas_beach1966 thomas_tales1968

And finally, the first paperback edition (Grove Press 1981) of the famous, posthumously published novel of John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces.


Next – Van de wetering, Vonnegut, Vidal and Wharton.

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